Templario mods by Pedro Miguel, from Porto-Portugal.

Designing Jewellery since 1997


Templario mods

Worldwide known the Templario mods brand stands by genuine materials and for the hand made High standard quality finish.

They are unforgettable jewels in life and History .

The brand´s detailed and unique designs,which combines old manufacturing Technics with modern design, are sold all around the world.

The Templario mods is genuine, contemporaneous and inspirational for women and man to express their individuality.

Based on the worlds History, Templario mods is part of your life and your life is part of us.

Together we re-invent History.

Templario mods your Jewell since 2014.


Vaping Mods Jewellery - Jóias | Art - Arte

  • Vaping Mods Artist

    Vaping Mods Artist

  • Vaping mods

    Vaping mods

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